Speakeasy Great Gatsby Party
søndag 4. desember
20:00 (Dørene åpner kl. 20:00)
Pris: 175,- + avg.
Prohibition time is in. Christmas time is in. And what better way to celebrate than a Great Gatsby themed party?
Almost 100 years after the novel, and 10 years after the movie, Great Gatsby’s highlife party returns to Trondheim. We invite You to come dance with us, as we promise not to serve you cheap cava or prosecco, but only amazing champagne and fabulous cocktails. We will do it the Speakeasy way all the way, from the entrance to a party of glamour, style, music, extravagance and drinks. All You need to do is to dress for the occasion and buy Your tickets here, the rest leave to us.
Tables are limited, so please book them directly to contact 91924761. Parking for Your limousine is possible as well.
Welcome is from 20:00 – 20:45, entrance to Byscenen. Start Your December in style.
Speakeasy Wednesdays – Cocktail experience
What is a Speakeasy? In the prohibition era of the ’20s & ’30s Speakeasy was born. In order to serve alcohol, secret bars were open in the most clever and interesting ways, hiding in the basements, in the yards, and most of the time behind other shops. You would walk through a nice flower shop, or a bloody butchery and find Yourself in a bar. Most times You needed to know a password, or a secret knock…. Hence the name Speakeasy, because You needed to speak silently about them. Today in the 21st century and 100 years after these bars were first open, they come back in a great style all over the world. In Trondheim we bring You Speakeasy Wednesdays – immersive experience in an undisclosed location in Midtbyen, open exclusively on Wednesdays. And we serve You only the finest cocktails, all night. And don’t forget – Speak Easy about it.

  • Aldersgrense: 20 år
  • Dørene åpne kl. 20.00-20.45
  • Adgang via Alma’s

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